I have recently discovered Alison Armstrong, who has created some marvelous material aimed at making peace (pax is Latin for peace) between the sexes.

PAX stands for:


Alison is wonderful and truly 'walks her talk'. This will probably become my next training ground; to be added to my Imago work and my Enneagram work. "Moving from adversarial relationships to partnerships" seems to be her theme. This work is fantastic!

Here are some of her excellent workshops which I highly recommend:

Making Sense of Men Free 3-hour seminar

In only three hours, you could unlock the door to an entirely new way of relating to men. And, we’ll hand you the key for free!

Are you ever frustrated by men?
Are you ever confused by men?
Do you have trouble with “mixed messages?”

Making Sense of Men is for women who want to understand men better. Women of all ages, who are in a relationship or want a relationship, will see the source of the changes and fluctuations in men’s behavior.

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women A Two-Day Workshop for Women

The workshop for women who want to know about men.

* Getting what you most need and desire from men
* Appreciating men and yourself more
* Really understanding men and knowing how to communicate with them
* Your relationships with men are transformed forever

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women is your source for understanding men and all the extraordinary results that makes possible. An intimate workshop designed specifically for women to allow over 20 fascinating topics to be absorbed beyond the conceptual level and integrated into your life.

Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power A Weekend Workshop for Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women
Men follow your lead.
Learn to how to nurture your inner Queen and you will be treated like one.

There’s a reason why men think women are complicated – we are! We at PAX have learned that every woman has many aspects to her femininity. Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power teaches women to understand and nurture each of these parts of themselves, and to have them working in harmony with each other.

Called the “Queen Course” by graduates, this challenging and clarifying workshop shows women how to bring out the best in themselves, especially those regal qualities that allow us to be happy and fulfilled, while bringing energy and life to those around us. The same qualities that inspire men to admire, be influenced by and generously provide for women.

Celebrating Men & Marriage A Weekend Workshop for Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® and Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™
Free yourself from the fantasies and superstitions about marriage, and see yourself and men in an entirely new way.

If you dream of a marriage that provides happiness and fulfillment, that is a true partnership with a man, that is created and renewed over time, then Celebrating Men & Marriage is for you.

If you’re not sure about marriage, questioning whether or not its right for you, then you’ll find the answers in Celebrating Men & Marriage.

Women who complete the Celebrating Men & Marriage workshop see the dream can come true for them. The frustration and confusion that often shrouds marriage is lifted, and they realize what’s possible for themselves. The relationship they want transforms from a fairy tale into something that can actually happen, and they know what to do to make it a reality.

Graduates learn how marriage actually works on a day-to-day basis, and leave with the tools and directions to make a marriage succeed. They learn about predictable conflicts that could become problems if ignored, but when addressed could actually create a structure for love, romance, and fulfillment.

Celebrating Men & Sex A Weekend Workshop for Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®
For every woman who wants to feel more desirable and have more freedom, satisfaction and fun with sex.

Celebrating Men & Sex will explain how every aspect of being male is expressed in sex, as well as how to reconcile male sexuality with your own needs and values. You will be surprised at the depth of understanding and appreciation men have for sex and the opportunity to have sex.
In Celebrating Men & Sex, you will identify your sexual needs.

Everything from what you need in a relationship for sex to be part of it, to what you need to be willing to participate in different sexual acts, from kissing to intercourse, and more.

More programs and workshops:

Understand men, and the stages of their development.

Just as children grow and change in predictable stages, so do men. What men want to provide for women, and what they need to receive in return, changes significantly as men move from their teens, through maturity, and into seniority. These developments follow a predictable pattern that, once known and understood, makes sense of everything from workaholics to mid-life crisis.

A Complete 4½ Hour Workshop on Audio CD
Grab onto fun, intimacy, and satisfaction in dating.

Understand how the most basic instincts of men and women pit us against each other in the world of dating and relationships. Learn how to get what you need from your dating counterparts. Avoid being tripped up by the “benchmarks” and “timelines” of dating and relationships. Understand how “false advertising” sabotages your efforts to have satisfying relationships. And much, much more…

* Unravel the mixed messages you receive.
* Get to the deal breakers early on, before anybody gets hurt.
* Avoid coming on too strong and know how to deal with someone who does.
* Eliminate the pitfalls inherent in pursuing the one you want.
* Be more self-expressed and less misunderstood