1. Your group will have 6-9 members and will meet once a week for two hours.
2. You are expected to attend the group for a minimum of four weeks before you decide this is or is not the group for you.
3. The group fee is paid monthly on the first group meeting of each month and you are expected to pay for groups you miss unless you have made other arrangements with me.
4. When you are ready to leave the group you are expected to give at least two week's notice.
5. You are expected to treat as confidential, all information gathered about your fellow group members and their experiences in group.
6. You are expected to keep all sub-groupings to a minimum and if such sub-groupings occur, you are expected to feed them back into the group.
You can expect to be creatively facilitated into anything that might be useful to you in terms of your therapeutic needs with the following limitations:

a. No tissue damage.
b. No property damage.
c. No sexual acting out.


l. Everyone in the group has completed the Life Script Questionnaire and therefore has a working knowledge of their Script, Racket, Basic Life Position, Early Decisions, Favorite Games, and the Contracts they are committed to in order to break out of all of the above. This awareness serves as a guide to the changes you want in your life as a result of working in the group.
The group functions cooperatively to get their needs met. To this end, you will be urged to follow some important guidelines:

a. No Scarcity--there is enough of everything you need in this group.
b. No Rescues--you needn't do anything you don't want to do, or anything that's not asked for, or more than 50% of any transaction.
c. No Secrets--refrain from hiding anything that's relevant to your work.
d. No Power Plays--you can learn to get your needs met without using emotional or manipulative displays.
Procedurally, the group runs as follows:

a. Check In: Brief Snapshot, Brag and/or Announcement.
b. Held Feelings: Resentments, Paranoias & Positives (Mirroring, Validation, & Empathy)
c. Work: Problem-solving,"Little" Work, Exercises and Feedback.
d. Strokes and Affirmations

4. The group meets four times a month and in the event that there are 5 weeks in a month, I will either present a Teaching Session or we will take that week off as a group. (The group can meet without me at a restaurant)

From: Oppression + Lies + Isolation = Alienation